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Why using TopVPN for your business is important?

There comes a time in most businesses when circumstances dictate that one or more users work from home either full or part-time. In other cases, it may simply be convenient for business owners and employees to be able to use company resources from home or while on vacation, or simply your company employees are distributed all over the world. These situations often lead to working from unencrypted or compromised networks. Recent research points out that 30% of data breaches occur in companies under 100 employees, which means that VPN is a must have for all these businesses:

  • Banking & Finance

  • Business Travelers

  • Tech startups

  • Expatriate

  • Medical & Legal

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Entertainment

  • Institutions

By analyzing today's market needs we've come up with a unique business VPN solution that will solve all your network security issues. Don't let the internet to browse your business data, sign up for TopVPn for business and put all those evil minds away.

How Can My Company Use TopVPN for Business?

TopVPN for Business offers online security, privacy, and freedom for companies around the world. With TopVPN's easy to use interface, apps for every device, and the help of our dedicated account managers you can solve the unique challenges your company faces.

  • Security for
    Traveling Employees

    Protect employees from 3rd-party snoops by encrypting their Internet connections on Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless networks.

  • Remote Workers &
    Distributed Work Forces

    Enable employees working remotely or abroad to access resources otherwise blocked by geographic restrictions.

  • Global Quality
    Assurance Testing

    Global gaming, application and service companies use TopVPN for Business to test services in countries around the globe.

  • Access Business Tools
    From China

    Companies in China or other geo-restricted locations use TopVPN to access VOIP, Google Apps, Google Enterprise and other tools daily.

  • Private & Unrestricted
    Business Research

    Investment firms and journalists use TopVPN to conduct research online without being logged, tracked or blocked by geographic restrictions.

  • IP &
    Identity Protection

    Conduct competitive research or investigate fraud without revealing your identity and prevent your business's IP address from being blocked or filtered.

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Why to choose TopVPN?

TopVPN is the only one VPN provider who offers dedicated VPN servers and network lines for your business, on top of this we will assign dedicated support staff to assist you with the setup of your business secured network for 1 month for FREE! And all of this on half of the price of other VPN proividers.
Checkout our comparioson table below and see the difference.

Price per year
Private IP's
Multi device support
Dedicated VPN
Dedicated support
TopVPN - Best business VPN provider
From $2.99
From 10
Private Internet Access
Astrill VPN

Easy account management

Manage your employees accounts from our Control Panel. Add, delete, change password for any employee, all with a couple of clicks. As time passes and your needs grow, we will be up to this challenge and scale up your VPN network at any time. This way you always pay only for what you need!

Just contact us, tell us your requirements and we will send you a quote within 24h!